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Welcome to the Wapello Jr. Sr. High School

Library Media Center (LMC)


LMC Hours 

Monday - Firday  
    Opens @ 7:45 AM  
   Closes @ 3:30 PM 
*All students are required to have a pass when coming to the
LMC during the school day. 
School Library Media Specialist - Miss Christine Watson 
Phone: 319-527-1312
The Wapello Jr. Sr. High School Library Media Center is established to assist students and instructors in the inquiry process with the utilization of technology, materials, and services. The Library Media Center (LMC) will also strive to inspire students and teachers to become lifelong learners. The LMC will ignite the flame in students to become avid readers and effective users of information. The Wapello Jr. Sr. High LMC will provide materials at the level and scope to fit the needs of ALL students, while still challenging all students to meet the high expectations set by Wapello Jr. Sr. High School staff and administration. 
Student and Teacher Resources 
Check out Policy 
Students are permitted up to 5 check outs at a time. 
      Fiction & Non-Fiction = 14 Days
    Old Magazines = 7 Days
    New Magazines = 1 Day
    Nooks = 14 Days 
    MP3 = 14 Days
    Reference = 1 Day
*Students are permitted to circulate the Nook and MP3 Player collections when a permission contract has been signed and returned.
Fines & Overdues
Students who return library items late may encounter library fines. The length of time late and the type of material will determine the amount of fines per student. 
    Books & Magazines = $0.05 per day 
    Nooks & MP3s = $1.00 per day
When a students library fines have reached $1.00 they will be asked to clear their account of all fines before being permitted to circulate new materials. Students will not be permitted to check out new materials if a material is overdue.
Procedures & Rules
Students must sign in when entering the library and present their pass directly to Miss Watson. Although not stated directly in the technology rules, students are asked to refrain from using Facebook and playing video games while in the library as these activities are in many cases not productive to the academic environment. Upon exiting the library students are asked to use only the door at the front of the library. 
Behavior Expectataions
# 1 - Be respectful of the people, the space, and the materials. 
# 2 - Be productive while in the LMC.
# 3 - Whisper when appropriate. 
# 4 - Strive to locate materials independently, but seek assistance when necessary. 
Technology Usage
# 1 - NO food or drinks in the LMC.
# 2 - Communicate responsibly, respectfully, and lawfully.
# 3 - You are responsible for your actions. 
# 4 - Remember NOTHING is private.
# 5 - Headphones required when using sound. 
# 6 - If it is broken, REPORT it, DO NOT try to fix it!